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Our Benefits

· Shared business strategies and marketing

techniques that removes the burden of each

member relying on themselves alone for new


· Participation is limited to one per profession so

that all business recycles within organization

(exception: churches & banks).

· Members can tap into the larger knowledge pool

of their peers as they plan and problem-solve.

· Opportunities for intellectual stimulation and

discovery, which inspires business owners and key

managers to explore their passions and identify

potential growth patterns for their company or


· Opportunity to collaborate with similarly

impassioned leaders on issues that impact the

business community.

· Regular Workshops & Seminars.

· Inclusion in a database of national and

international businesses.

· Giving back to the community and supporting

youth programs through our Youth

Entrepreneurial Support program and

collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship

Association and Kid Commerce Program.

· Discounts on member business services.

· Participation in our annual business issues forum

and awards banquet.

· Travel opportunities. Example – annual cruise.

· Discounts on rental cars, travel and the list goes


Community Service/Outreach Programs

The TBN Y.E.S. Program was developed to empower youth

globally through the development of their talents by educating,

training and motivating them. The ultimate goal is to establish

youth entrepreneurial incubators that will serve as models for other cities and countries to follow. (Ask about our Y.E.S. program manual FMI)


Network Synopsis

Our mission is to help business owners and leaders connect with their potential through education, relationship building, mentorship programs and business coaching.

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Our Vision

To serve as the premiere Christian business referral

agency and business mentor group, while helping

each member leverage the diverse professional

resources offered through our network resources to

build a successful business and create community



· Build member discipline through meetings that

generate business referrals.

· Capitalize on the structured and supportive system

to extend market reach.

· Build personal and professional relationships

based on mutual trust within membership of the

chapter and other network chapters.

· Sponsor regular workshops for members to

educate, train and connect them to other business

leaders and resources.

· Connect members and other community leaders

with our TBN Y.E.S. mentors program in an

effort to educate and train youth entrepreneurs.

Our Long Range Goals

We aspire to connect in such a way that long

term relationships are built thru affiliation with

our organization.

We aspire to encourage diversity within our

membership and affiliate groups.

We aspire to empower our members by forming

linkages with other business groups and


We aspire to build self esteem, confidence and

leadership skills within the network and among

our Y.E.S program participants.